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BT18, a product of Belfrics group offers a fully customisable, hosted and liquidity ready cryptocurrency trading platform. Our platform allows our partners to start a cryptocurrency exchange without having to invest in software development and without the need to funnel liquidity into the exchange.

Bt18’s mission is to bring localised, high quality, secure, compliant and liquid cryptocurrency exchanges to every market around the world through local partnerships.

Our white label exchange platform is real world ready and tested. It is a software solution for entrepreneurs looking to own and run a cryptocurrency exchange in their market without having to invest in software and infrastructure. Our platform comes equipped with liquidity ‘in-hand’ meaning that our partners’ exchanges have access to a full order book from the moment their site goes live.

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The most affordable FX trading platform
Hybrid Solutions offers a strategic on-line trading system through VertexFX which is now one of the main reliable trading systems on a global scale. In addition, our online technical support and customer care are dedicated to our customers and to resolving any kind of business or technical problems as Hybrid Solutions’ philosophy is to establish a real partnership with customers, where we regard our capital to be our customers’ success.


VertexFX Trader is an Award-Winning total solution for Global Markets Online Trading especially designed to fulfill all of brokers, Market Makers, Clearing houses, Banks, Central Banks and financial institutes. Its structure consists of a set of Application Servers Connected to an SQL Database, Client Terminals and Dealing Room Applications can be hosted starting from single server for small businesses to several servers to achieve load balancing for enterprises implementations. See Optimum server structure.

VertexFX Platform is designed to run online through any low internet bandwidth connection. With its low bandwidth consumption, it can work fairly with good performance with low internet speed through VertexFX streaming messages communication technology. No third party applications are required to run VertexFX Client Terminal; it’s a standalone desktop 11MB application. Some Backoffice applications requires .NET framework. All system modules are windows 32 bit applications supports starting from Windows 98 till Windows 7. For Traders who need to trade through Brokers’ Websites directly, they can run the VertexFX WEB Trader special WEB based terminal. Trades can run the VertexFX Mobile (Windows Mobile) to trade online and wirelessly.VertexFX is a closed loop trading solution. Server is Fed by any DDE/API Data feed Provider to broadcast Currency prices, trader is placing his Market or Limit Order through one of its client terminals, reaching Backoffice dealing desk, acknowledged by one of the dealing desk applications either manually or automatically and hedged (optionally) through VertexFX Risk management bridge with other external liquidity provider according to the dealing room clearing policy. Through this description, VertexFX Platform supports Market Makers (Over The Counter OTC) business model or Straight Through Processing STP one according to the Bridge configuration scenarios. It can also be configured to work in both models STP and OTC for the same corporate by its Multi-Level Management capabilities per Symbol per group of accounts.

VertexFX Trader is the best solution for Dealing rooms as it can serve their need for all of:
Online Trading for public through Desktop, WEB or Mobile Trading Terminals.
Multi-level Account group hierarchical structure which enables Dealing room to build their groups in a way that gives infinite management capabilities for most of the system parameters per symbol per group as Spread, Commissions, Max Trade per deal, Minimum Trade per deal, Interest, Symbol Visibility .. etc.
VertexFX will enable Dealing room to manage their risk through implementing VertexFX Trader in the STP model either for all of the company or for part of it. VertexFX Risk Management Bridge is built to cover this need.VertexFX SQL database, will give dealing room perfect integration capabilities supported by VertexFX API development kit.VertexFX is a worldwide electronic platform for Foreign Exchange trading, designed by Online Trading Experts and Financial Consultants and developed with international technical expertise. VertexFX is a windows-based, easily downloadable, secured, fast and interactive system shipped with all its modules:

For setting up your full VertexFX server or Whitelabel, contact our support staff.

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