Investment Banking License

Procurement of Investment Banking License

Investment banks are involved in assisting clients to raise capital by underwriting and acting as the client’s agent in the issuance of securities. Investment banks do not always issue the securities and act as agents for them, and can also only issue the securities, or only act as the agent for these securities. An investment bank can also assist companies with their merger and acquisitions, as well as provide additional services, like market making, trading of derivative, fixed income instruments commodities and equity securities.Unlike many other bank specializations, investment banks do not engage in deposit taking.

Setting up a bank that will deal with investment banking is much simpler when comparer to retail or commercial banks. For an offshore bank specializing in investment banking you will need a banking license that allows you to engage in banking activities. specialized in setting up investment banking license for qualifed clients in most of the offshore jurisdictions. The applicant team needs to demonstrate a solid expereince in the banking industry inorder to be eligbile to apply for the investment banking license.

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Investment Banking License

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