United Arab Emirates is the most dynamic and vibrant nation in the middle east region. In less than 40 years, Dubai has transformed itself from a local trading community into one of the most inspirational, exciting and successful cities in the world. Today it is an immensely attractive destination for tourists and businesses alike. Dubai’s strategic location gives easy access to 2.2 billion consumers, from a unique centralised time zone that combines East and West business hours. Dubai is the perfect gateway between East and West and the preferred hub for the region’s imports and exports market – one of the most lucrative in the world.

Investment laws, regulations and incentives are continuously improving to encourage further foreign investment. This includes the introduction of foreign ownership of land and stocks – Dubai became the first emirate within the UAE to open its property market to foreign ownership, followed by Abu Dhabi.

Due to its liberal labour policies, it is easy and cost-effective to recruit employees from almost any part of the world. UAE governments from across the seven emirates continue to invest heavily in training the national workforce to play a greater role as competitive members of the UAE economy

Dubai is home to over 20 Free Zones catering to various industrial and business clusters where foreign investors can enjoy 100 percent foreign ownership of their companies.

The absence of income tax for both mainland registered companies and those registered in the free zones remains one of the biggest incentives for foreign companies establishing in Dubai.

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