The Dutch economy has a strong international focus as the Netherlands is one of the European Union’s most dynamic centres of trade and industry. The Dutch government welcomes foreign companies wishing to establish their business in the Netherlands and is highly appreciative of the many international companies already operating here. Because of its strategic location in Europe, companies use the Netherlands as a hub to cover several European markets. They are supported by a very business-minded government that is focussed on reducing red tape and providing a stable, competitive investment climate.

The Netherlands has a long history as a trading nation, which has given the Dutch an international outlook. Foreign companies interested in establishing their business in the Netherlands will find that national and local government, knowledge institutes and business services providers work hand in hand, providing detailed information swiftly. In many industries the Dutch are the champions of open innovation. Impressive clusters of foreign companies, home-grown success stories, research facilities to share and world-class science institutes have made the Netherlands a hot spot for companies looking to innovate.

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We provide a comprensive service for Dutch companies. We provide, local directors, legal and auditing services.

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