India is home to over a billion people and is the third largest economy in the world. Setting a local company in India is the most easiest way to tap in to the large consumer base of India. India offers several forms of company setupts.

Though India is a developing economy, its economy has a major impact on global trading. The majority of the world’s leading developed nations are keen to have or expand their ties with India. This is mainly because in the current scenario of globalization India is seen as an ideal region for investments. Thanks to its huge market base and fast-developing spending habits of middle-class Indians, India is fast becoming a preferred destination for investors due to its favorable business environment, a good administrative setup, attractive foreign policies, and an availability of abundant skilled workforce.

India boasts a vast network of technical and management institutions that are of the highest international standards. These institutions develop excellent human resources. India also has a strong base of an English-speaking population for business purposes.

The government of India has taken several initiatives to attract foreign investments in India’s diverse sectors. It has announced a number of attractive schemes and policies from time to time to lure investments. The individual ministries of different industries have made special attempts to ease the rules and regulations related to foreign investment in the industry. The Indian government also allows foreigners to make direct investments in the country’s firms by way of acquiring share and debentures. This favorable government initiative gives India an edge over other countries for investments.

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