Hong Kong is strategically localted at the heart of Asia, which is the gateway to mainland China for business. Hong Kong is the financial hub and key regional trade centre. Hong kong is considered to rank among the top for ease of setting up companies and doing business.

Acompany can be opened in one week’s time in Hong Kong with very minimal documentations. No resectriction on business scope other than activites that requires license and those actvitites that are considered to be unlawful as per the the Hong Kong law. No foreign owneership restriction for setting up a hong long company.

Hong Kong has one of the lowest corproate tax at 16.5%. Profits generated from overseas are tax exempted. There are not sales tax or VAT in hong kong.

Hong Kong has one of the best banking system and all the major international banks are available for banking. Opening a bank account in Hong Kong is relatively easy.

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