Offshore Company Formation

Our experience and global team improves the solutions we offer for Formation of Offshore Company, a brand name of Ocfam Global Limited is one of the leading and most specialized consultancy firms for financial services companies in Asia and Asia Pacific. Our team of international laywers and trust professionals provide unique and tailored solutions for the financial services sector in global licensing, audit and accounting, compliance and risk management, taxation, banking, payment solutions and corporate consultancy services. is the leading license processor for LFSA Labuan and is has a tremendous success rate in all the application that has been processed. We serve clients from all the continents and service some of the largest financial services companies in the world.

Asian Regions


If doing business in Asia and Asia Pacific is your target, then setting up a firm in Malaysia could turn out to be a very effective solution for you. We setup both onshore and offshore companies in malaysia and provide complete accounting and auditing services.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is strategically located in the heart of Asia, which is the gateway to mainland China for business. Hong Kong is the financial hub and key regional trade center. Hong Kong is considered to rank among the top for ease of setting up companies and doing business.

singapore offshore company formation


If you are venturing into an international business that provides you credibility and sound business environment, then Singapore will be the top choice for you. Setting up a company and bank account in Singapore is a very simple process.

Eurasian Countries

Eastern Regions


Georgia acheived robust economic growth between 206-2015, averaging 4% annually, following structural reforms that stimulated capital inflows and investment.

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Dubai is home to over 20 Free Zones catering to various industrial and business clusters where foreign investors can enjoy 100 percent foreign ownership of their companies.

European Regions

offshore company formation services

United Kingdom

The single most important advantage of trading via a UK Limited company is the limited liability of the company’s shareholders.We offer our clients a reliable company formation service in the United Kingdom.


When looking to take advantage of all the Netherlands has to offer, several routes to fast and reliable information are available.We provide a comprehensive service for Dutch companies.

Other Offshore Regions

Ireland Offshore Company Formation


India is home to over a billion people and is the third largest economy in the world. Setting a local company in India is the most easiest way to tap into the large consumer base of India. India offers several forms of company setups.

offshore Company Formation


Compared to other countries where procedures may be sluggish, protocols take comparatively less time to be followed in setting up a company in Mauritius. Mauritius is known as a Tax Haven for investors


Ireland is becoming increasingly attractive as a holding company location for foreign investors particularly where it is combined with a trading activity such as headquarter activities, treasury or research & development

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