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Through Branding we help you shape the persona of your brand while being meaningfully different from your competition.


We do an in-depth analysis of brand language, brand positioning, brand integration, brand equity measurement, brand growth, and brand management ensuring that the brand is market ready. We analyse the industry and your brand’s position in it. We understand the line between being ‘similar to’ while ‘standing out’ from the competition. Branding research drives the branding decisions.

Naming, Identity & Architecture

We help create a brand name and personalty upon understanding what your customer would identify with. We analyse your brand category, product, region and the target audience’s thinking feeling and expectation. Our creative process involves brainstorming and ideation sessions to come up with distinct and concise names that evoke an identity.

Brand Identity Development

We believe that every brand has to have a personality and we help bring out your brand’s best by designing and creating innovative logos, collaterals, brand manuals and other extended communication collaterals to establish and define,unique and consistent brand language. We take into account the brand value, mission and vision.

Brand Positioning & Strategy

We determine the similarity and difference with relation to your competition to establish the brand identity and to create the right brand image. We set the tone for the marketing strategy by defining the brand, its uniqueness when compared to competitive brands. We focus on brand uniqueness, significance, marketplace, sustainability, and the brand’s goals and device a strategy and detailed go to market approach.

Brand Engagement

Establishing the right strategy that the brand uses to communicate with its customers and making them engage with the brand through interactive designs, creative and social media pages, and all forms of communication that reached the end consumer, urging them to engage with the content and relate to it. We make this engagement measurable through analysis, metrics and reports.

Digital Branding

Digital branding has its roots originating from digital marketing. Laying the foundation for the brand to communicate effectively with its end consumers through digital channel and assets like blogs, forums and social media to establish and communicate the brands position and offering.

Brand Communications Audit

In-depth research and analysis of the effectiveness of language and tone the brand has been using to communicate with its consumers. Taking into consideration the below what the key message is, what is being communicated, How effective has the past communication been, Strengths and weakness of current communication, the communication strategy of the competitors,

Brand Implementation & Roll Out

This is last leg of the branding cycle. After having established brand identity, position, branding and communication and engagement strategy, we help you implement it across platforms and introduce the brand to the market.

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